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Job Description

Understand Project Scope

Perform Project Estimation

Identify Resource requirements for project

Prepare Project Plan

Track Project Progress

Track Project issues

Communicate project status

Work with Project stakeholders

Specialize in one of the following areas : Delivery, Marketing, Sales, Content Production,Technology

This would be a full time role requiring a commitment of 40 hours per week

Preferred Work Experience

Should have worked as a Business Analyst for at least 2 years or have a post graduate degree

Education Requirements

Bachelors or Post Graduate Degree in Science, Engineering, Management, Commerce or Arts


Behavioral Technical Leadership
Able to communicate orally and verbally in English Ability to prepare and update documents using Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint or similar tools Ablility to work in a team
Disciplined and respects time Ability to compose and send emails. Ability to guide interns
Trustworthy Analytical Thinking Skills Ability to guide analysts
Ethical Problem Solving Skills Ability to communicate project vision to all stakeholders
Ability to work under pressure Ability to prepare project plans on Excel, Microsoft Project or similar tools
Be Self Motivated Ability to perform estimation for project tasks


Free Access to training on Microsoft Project and Project Management

Selection Process

Submit ResumeAptitude TestInterviewOffer Letter