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Consulting - Services

Our project management consulting services focus on helping our clients to deliver their projects.

We bring project expertise and work across the silos of the parent organization executing the project.

We provide services in Project Scope Management, Schedule Management and Risk Management.

Project Scope Management

Ensure that the project includes all the work required for completion

Support Services to help in

Requirements Collection

Defining Product Scope

Creating Work Breakdown Structure

Prioritization of requirements

Modelling of requirements

Quality check of requirements

Prototyping of requirements

Documentation of Scope

Managing Scope Changes

Project Schedule Management

Ensure timely completion of the project

Support Services to help in

Task Definitions

Estimation of Tasks

Schedule Planning on Microsoft Project

Understanding Critical Path

Base-lining the schedule

Tracking the schedule

Managing Schedule Changes

Generating schedule reports

Project Risk Management

Ensure Identification, Analysis and Control of risks on a project

Support Services to help in

Identification of Project Risks

Analysis of Risks

Identifying Risk Responses

Monte Carlo Analysis

Risk Impact Sensitivity Analysis

Decision Tree Analysis

Managing Risk

Generating risk reports